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Sizes & Measurements

Size Matters! Find the size that will fit most comfortably...

Watch How to Measure for a Wig Video

Common Wig Sizes:

Front to BackFront to back
Ear to EarEar to ear

Cap Size: Extra Large
Circumference: 24-inches; Front to back: 15.75-inches; Ear to ear: 13.25-inches
Circumference: 61cm; Front to back: 40cm; Ear to ear: 33cm

Cap Size: Large
Circumference: 23-inches; Front to back: 15-inches; Ear to ear: 13-inches
Circumference: 58.5cm; Front to back: 38cm; Ear to ear: 34cm

Cap Size: Medium to Large
Circumference: 22.5-inches; Front to back: 14.75-inches; Ear to ear: 12.5-inches
Circumference: 57cm; Front to back: 37.5cm; Ear to ear: 32cm

Cap Size: Medium (Average)
Circumference: 22-inches; Front to back: 14.25-inches; Ear to ear: 12.25-inches
Circumference: 56cm; Front to back: 36cm; Ear to ear: 31cm

Cap Size: Small
Circumference: 21.25-inches; Front to back: 13.75-inches; Ear to ear: 11.75-inches
Circumference: 54cm; Front to back: 35cm; Ear to ear: 30cm

Cap Size: Extra Small
Circumference: 20.75-inches; Front to back: 13.25-inches; Ear to ear: 11.5-inches
Circumference: 52.5cm; Front to back: 33.5cm; Ear to ear: 29cm

How to Make a Wig Cap Template

You can make a template for a wig cap that will fit precisely.

Template Example Template Example Template Example
  1. Place an 18-inch square of clear plastic wrap so that it covers the top portion of the head
  2. After pressing the wrap close to the head, use tape to contour the head shape
  3. Beginning at the forehead, place transparent tape on the wrap over what will become the outer perimeters of the pattern.
  4. The areas of baldness determine the outer perimeters for a hairpiece. (For a standard wig it would be the hairline, around the ears and in the roots of the hair in back.)
  5. After you have taped the boundaries, cover the inner portion of the plastic wrap with overlapping pieces of tape
  6. Apply a few layers of tape.
  7. The tape will lock the plastic wrap into a permanent transparent tape template.
  8. Use a permanent maker to show where you want the edge of the wig-cap or topper hairpiece to be.
  9. Write the word FRONT at the front of the template.

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